Do I need PR?

Entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses that have good PR are more successful at obtaining investment, capital, partners and customers but how do you know where, when and how to start, and even if you need to start at all?

PR starts young

Good communications should be at the forefront of any young business's marketing plans. Putting PR in place early will help to discipline your business to focus on the customer as well as the product. It will increase brand exposure, discoverable content and will provide valuable insight and feedback to shape future marketing plans. When done well, PR reaps significant rewards.

I've heard good things about you

PR proficient companies create positive awareness that improves recall, stimulates sales, increases loyalty and improves efficiency across other marketing disciplines, but remember PR is not a direct response mechanism. In isolation, it will not drive direct sales but when used alongside other tactics, it will generate interest, will build confidence, increase sales opportunities and build value.

I have the best product since sliced bread!

PR works best when a product cannot establish significant differences or advantages by itself. By identifying and communicating key product benefits and unique selling points and then working with influencers to share and endorse these, PR is at its most advantageous. Don't forget that PR is based on fact not opinion, so be prepared to share facts that make your startup stand out; such as proprietary technology or product features, investment, user or customer numbers and growth figures. Together these facts demonstrate your new sliced bread is indeed better than anything else in the market.

We are launching tomorrow

Switch your PR on when you are ready to tell the world about your product or service but give it time to plan and prepare. Too early and you risk being dismissed, too late and you're old news. PR is earned and not bought and that takes time.

Do I need an agency?

Day to day communications can be handled internally with a little knowledge and the right connections but if you are approaching a business milestone or facing a challenge then it's time to seek agency help. Have a look at our plans to see the common communications milestones and challenges.